Embark on a rewarding, long-term career path where you're paid to advocate the advantages of solar energy. Be part of our mission to break down the barriers of the largest monopoly in the United States, all while creating a sustainable and greener environment. This is more than just a business venture—it's a unique opportunity to build a substantial, enduring career that leaves a lasting, positive impact on our world.

Join the Clean Energy Revolution. The Best Kept Secret in Business. #1 Fastest Growing Industry.

Anticipated to double annually over the next five years, residential solar adoption is skyrocketing, creating an unstoppable momentum in the energy sector. In this exciting era of clean energy, entrepreneurs and businesses lacking a solar solution are at risk of being left in the dust.

So, here's your call to action: Step into the solar space and be part of the driving force behind this dynamic industry. Propel your success while making a positive impact on the planet. Don't just keep up with the future - lead it. Embrace the opportunity, join the clean energy revolution, and harness the power of the sun with us at Harbor Solar.

Why Harbor Solar

Stepping into the role of a Consultant with Harbor Solar not only opens up a world of benefits but also offers a golden opportunity to pioneer change in the energy sector:

  • Engage with the fastest-growing industry in the US, leading the charge toward a sustainable future.
  • Tap into an additional revenue stream, diversifying your income sources.
  • Gain access to one of the industry's most advanced software platforms, crafted to optimize and simplify the journey of solar adoption.
  • Be part of a financially strong enterprise with our efficient installation times, you'll enjoy quick commissions, while also having the opportunity to monetize your existing customer base for increased earnings.
  • Revel in the consistent top-ranking status of Harbor Solar. Our customers don’t just choose us - they recommend us to their friends and family, a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Benefit from our exceptional company leadership and comprehensive training programs, designed to propel your success.
  • Shine in an innovative recognition program, celebrating your achievements like never before.
  • Thrive in an industry that is projected to double in size each year for the next five years, placing you at the forefront of a solar revolution.
  • Stepping up as a Solar Consultant isn't merely a role – it's your opportunity to make a real difference. Lead the clean energy transition and etch your legacy in the solar landscape. With Harbor Solar, you're not just joining a team - you're shaping the future of clean energy.


Each time you refer a homeowner that's goes solar with Harbor, there's cash coming your way. Your referrals will start cutting down their energy bills big time. The Earth? Let's just say it's giving us a thumbs up.


Join Us Now

Cleaning up the environment has never been this straightforward - or profitable. The more you refer, the more your bank account grows.

As a Harbor Solar Consultant, we have your back, and we engage directly with your clients to ease their transition to solar. With Harbor Solar, you and your clients are in nothing short of exceptional hands!

Choose your path - become a certified Solar Consultant with us and generate substantial earnings, or step into the role of a Solar Ambassador for free. The choice is yours!



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